The last several minutes of your tattoo makeup procedure/s include a soothing cool pack. This may or may not make a big difference to swelling but ahhh it does feel good and clients often comment on how peaceful and relaxing the surrounds are. Many fall asleep, in which case a few extra minutes are often appreciated.


Keep your new cosmetic tattoo moist for the duration of the outer healing which is 3 to 5 days and up to 10 days. Wipe the brows frequently with a moist, lubricating wipe to clear any lymph fluid that surfaces over the first 24-48 hours. Bepanthen cream is recommended for the first 3 days, and any medication you normally use for pain such as paracetamol may be used. Lubricating eye drops may be used for sensitive, mildly irritated or dry eyes after eye-liner procedures. If you have recently had micro pigmentation avoid lighteners, exfoliates, acids or friction or treatments including the above. Teeth whitening is best left for another time, and even toothpaste is too abrasive on the mouth.


Be gentle with yourself after your semi-permanent makeup. This is also a time to take responsibility – not to be overtly attentive, but to let nature take it’s course in healing, with your care.


If you must use mascara, then please buy a new one and apply a third of the way back from the tips. Remove carefully with Vaseline or baby oil.


No to contact lenses during the work. You may reintroduce your lenses 24 hours after the cosmetic tattoo eye-liner.


Do avoid over activity for the first couple of days and stay away from areas that simply put, are dirty or spread germs.


Do not swim in any type of water for a good couple of weeks.


A light shower on the face, or face rinse is all that is required, without rubbing and friction. Do not agitate the skin in any way. Non alcohol cleansers or soap and water is adequate, finishing with soft pats to dry the area.


Colour retention is helped by being aware and protecting the skin from sun before and after healing. Sunglasses, caps and hats and sunblock are necessary. Makeup tattoo of course will fade, especially the lighter and softer colours if exposed to the sun. Medications and skin type all play their part. Cosmetic tattoo is designed to make your life easier, but does deserve some attention, including re-enhancements after a year or 17 months that make all the difference again.


Lips being so tender, can feel vulnerable for a couple of days. Swelling is more than likely and care should be taken eating and drinking. Spicy salty foods can bite back, and even drinks are best consumed through a straw. Moving and smoothing the Vaseline slowly and gently on your mouth can feel soothing when moisturising. Around day 3 as with most tattoo makeup, peeling begins. While peeling, the lips feel dry and parched, and for some time afterwards as well. It takes 8 to 12 weeks to feel as if they truly are part of you. Do not spoil the cosmetic tattoo by trying to hurry the exfoliation. Phone me regarding any tingling or burning or anything unusual during what should be the settling down period, or see a pharmacist or doctor.


By being aware, caring for what you requested, and taking steps to replenish colour by regular micro pigmentation, life is simpler, and your face colour kissed.


Phone us to book in for special prices before Christmas, for cosmetic tattoo and eyelash extensions. Our prices also insure you can refresh your makeup tattoo regularly.


All the best for the month of November,