…especially when they are cosmetically tattooed. Considering that temporary beauty marks were around in Roman times, they would surely have been seen as attractive to many. In fact Roman woman sometimes wore several!

So here we are in 2022, the cosmetic tattoo spot may be simpler and more alluring for these times, by being thought about more as a semi-permanent asset to the face.

In olden times beauty marks were fanciful, elaborate and could really be quite large. Black being the most sought after colour, being artistic and dramatic as eyeliner tattoo is around the eyes today, although other colours that enhanced the eyes were favoured as well.

So what could a beauty spot do for you. You may intuitively know where it might be placed.

Let’s look at what a beauty spot may depict.

Faces can suddenly seem more flirtatious with a choice beauty spot at the lower corner or above the mouth. A little this way, or a little that way. Warmly bronzed or darker or hardly there. Shade and size makes all the difference. All around the mouth and laughter lines we see playfulness and fun.

Under the eye…passionate! On the cheek, gallant and above the brow shall we say, dignified. The third eye area is without question majestic.

You can see why some of you might want more than one, and sometimes this works. But probably no more please :))

For pretty shaded lip tattoo, no lipstick bleed, more mouth in the nicest way, corrections of past good ideas or mistakes, please call us. We love to see super natural micro-shaded and bladed brows and like to hear ideas you may have for eyeliner tattooed especially for your eyes.

Cheers and best wishes for 2022,