You may feel you will have to live with your semi-permanent makeup from other places and other times. It makes an astonishing difference though when outdated ideas, colours and shapes are gently removed. We like to give a natural brow look that you can wear anywhere. We do that with microblading, nano-blading, ombre, misting and combinations of procedures. We can always add more tattoo makeup when you are sure it’s a great idea to do so.

Lighter tattoo makeup pigments will require a refresh earlier than darker shades but what is most important is that the original colour will age in a way that pleases you. This is why we carry various lines to suit, including oxide-free tattoo pigments.

Plasma Fibroblasting is a beautiful way to resurface the skin, to ease away lines, unwanted freckles and age spots. So many times we hear people say they wish they had come in years ago. Still, there’s never a better time than right now.

Contact us for a chat.

Cheers and keep healthy,


Welcome to Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo and February!

The year has already brought many changes to so many of you. Good changes I hope. For others, we know that good things can come from all experiences even so it doesn’t always appear to be true.

I want to say thank you for trusting and understanding that brow work does not happen overnight! Beautiful micro pigmented brows, eyes, lips and scalps, come with your time and effort as well as ours at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. Many of you have had poor work done elsewhere. This takes time to lift old pigment and repair then re-tattoo. All cosmetic tattoo procedures can be costly as you rarely have just one session. These sessions can be spread over many weeks or months. We like to bring about changes in a subtle and natural way which means that soft and pretty features are the ultimate goal. We love to free-style your design and use many techniques that come with years of experience.

Pixel work, shading, Nano blading, micro-blading, Ombre and powder brows are produced by understanding how different procedures work on different skins. However cosmetic tattoo artists are not magicians and second and third procedures are often the norm for gradual layering of semi-permanent tattoo strokes, shading and colour.

Having said that, often we are called ‘magicians’ or ‘true artists’ because results can be delightful very quickly. Every skin has it’s own idiosyncrasies just as has your left and right sides of your face and body does.

Your skin may require exquisite machine work, fine nano or pixel cosmetic tattoo with more than one or two tattoo needle assemblies or particular strokes suited only to you. Your face and scalp tattoo may also require natural vegetable oxide-free pigments.

Your proceure Ywill be shown to you as you ask throughout, or the mirror may be held up for you to see how you are looking! This reduces anxiety and allow you to in many cases sleep or doze.

Remember, all micropigmentation takes time to heal, peel, show true colour and look fabulously natural.

Call or message to chat and ask about anything to do with micropigmentation. We will always chat, if not immediately, when it is possible on the same day.

Cheers and Happy February!


It seems that everyone has the same mad dash attitude to organising their cosmetic tattoo refreshers before Christmas day, or at least the Christmas holidays. It’s easy though, just phone us or fill out the web form. We’ll be in touch before you know it.

Refreshing brows, eyes and lips only cost a fraction of the price if you have had your main procedures at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.

You can sit down to the Christmas festivities knowing your lips are not going to pale out to nothing and you will not have the streaky eyed look after surf or pool. Life just becomes more enjoyable, more relaxed than ever after cosmetic tattoo.

Keep moisturising those lips regardless, which is easy. You can come in for lip blush touch ups or any new procedures throughout Christmas and New Year.

Eyeliner micropigmentation shaded with dreamy colours or just a direct eyelash enhancement in basic black tattoo pigment never fails to appeal to all of you over 18yrs.

For customised extra pretty eyes, brows and lips…and maybe a carefully placed beauty spot are all available here.

We have ample parking and the surrounds are simply gorgeous and relaxing and you can be here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo whilst the family are at a beautiful new playground directly across the road.

Pick up the phone for a chat.

Happy December, Happy Christmas everyone!



This is an interesting time in history. It is a time we may take the opportunity to heal in various ways. Simpler lifestyles and appreciation when life slows down a notch makes differences.

Cosmetic tattoo is easy when you are rested and mindful that cleanliness ensures your micropigmentation heals beautifully in the 3 to 4 week period before your next appointment. You can relax knowing your skin is just doing it’s thing whilst planning new procedures. Many of you are taking this time to have lip tattoo and additional colour and design added to eye-liners. Refreshing old tattoo colour and design you know you’ve lived with for too long could well be done now. It’s truly magical to see the differences cosmetic tattoo can make to your appearance and well-being.



Refreshing and enlivening work at special prices from a year or few ago. Our costs are greatly reduced if you have had your Cosmetic Tattoo completed here previously.

You are most welcome as a new client to our Permanent Make-up Clinic if you are not satisfied with a style, shape or colour which was micro-pigmented some-time, some-place else-where. Some of you may require rectification or removal of cosmetic art that seemed a good idea at the time but no longer serves you or looks fresh.

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo does like to look after you and we enjoy making the most of your features. That is what Tattoo make-up is all about.

Natural vegetable pigment is one line we carry especially for those of you who have not experienced Cosmetic Tattoo. Natural Vegetable pigments fade naturally without leaving residue.

Text or call, and chat. Let us know how we may help, whilst keeping you safe.



We are letting you know that in June our doors will be open.

We welcome you to phone chat or visit and will be so happy to see our established clients and friends again.

Semi-permanent makeup is something most women have seriously thought about at some stage. A fine eyelash enhancement, eye lining, natural hair-stroked brows, or a lip-line blended to show off your lips again are just a few of the simple tricks that suddenly say “I’m here!” The best part is you can forget it all on a daily basis – jazz things up a little for evening or special times. Cosmetic tattoo can give you the freedom to enjoy a natural look without wondering if you have ‘done it right’ or whether in fact your makeup is still on your face!

Please arrange to come into our clinic, one at a time. You will enjoy a tranquil environment whilst every precaution is in place to keep you COVID safe.

Bless, and Cheers!


As soon as we are able we will open Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo. Thank you so much for your patience and sensible approach at this time to the corona-virus.

We know Mother’s Day is approaching fast. We are taking bookings for brows, lips and eyeliner. Freckles have been requested as well and I like to suggest a one visit, light sprinkling of natural vegetable pigment freckles. We understand too that sometimes it’s just good to chat and you can come in for a free micro-pigmentation consultation when we are able. Occasionally a test area can be done to alleviate colour, technique or other concerns. This can be done for a minimum fee.

Our situation is like other clinics in Australia. We would love to see you one to one, and are following news and updates closely as things ease up.

In the meantime, enjoy the space you have at this extraordinary time in history.

Cheers, and keep extra well,


Many of you are opting for lash enhancement as an alternative to eyeliner tattoo. What is the difference you ask? Lash enhancement is cosmetic tattoo placed between or through the lashes. It gives the barest essential look to eyes by making the lashes appear fuller and thicker. Two procedures are essential. The second procedure being done as always, two to eight weeks after the first. Whilst darkest shades are usual for this procedure, there are many subtle shades that work in harmony with skin, hair and eyes.

Every skin is unique, so adhere to after-care advice that will be important to your outcome. Women love the natural look of lash enhancement, especially if they enjoy good skin and the ‘no makeup’ look.

Having said that, so often clients have high hopes that eyebrow or eyeliner micro-pigmentation is going to be the solution or at least a distraction from tired skin, lines and sagging.

While a clear well designed brow freshens the face, eyeliner or lash enhancement can highlight your eyes. But if the skin is showing age, the effect is not going to be as complete and successful as it could be.

We are finding more clients are asking for the plasma fibroblast procedure to work as a complement to cosmetic tattoo.

It has the ability to help by lifting skin around the eyes and freshening and tightening up areas that may be showing the passing years.


EXPERIENCE: How long have they been doing Cosmetic Tattoo? How broad is their experience with client ages, skin types, styles and techniques? You might also ask about qualifications, courses in Health & Sanitation procedures. How often do they undergo professional inspections of the premises. Is this Business insured? No one with these things in place will be offended in your asking.

DESIGN SKILLS: Do not accept ‘One size fits all’ templates, unless you specifically want that. You have a distinctive three dimensional face with muscle, bone structure, skin tone, and asymmetry that are unique to your own. Thy need to be understood and used expertly to the best possible interpretation and design for you.

INKS/PIGMENTS: Only the highest quality organic and inorganic concentrated formulations are acceptable with maximum colour stability and wear.

HELP & SUPPORT: Does the practitioner explain the process and what is being done? Are you fully involved in the decisions? Are you shown the plan before the procedure begins?

COST: This is last but is often the first and only criteria for some people. Satisfy yourself on the other points first. Let’s face it, you usually get what you pay for. Follow the guidelines and choose the best not the cheapest. Remember you have to wear it!

NOTE: All tattoo fades over time. We suggest a once or twice yearly booster to keep your micropigmentation fresh and up to date with changes in hair and skin. UV exposure, age, health, current medications and adhering to before and aftercare are essential to cosmetic tattoo good looks.

Personally I envisage the natural looks are here to stay in cosmetic tattoo artistry.

Enjoy October!



The holidays are on and the kids are at their Aunt’s or best mate’s place for a sleepover. Well, that’s one scenario. This is the time of the year I see women for their cosmetic tattoo and refreshers. Somehow they work it all around their fantastically busy lives and nearly always fall asleep whilst I am refreshing their micro-pigmentation. It’s so beautiful and serene here near the Hinterland.

Lips are amazing to work with. The difference a fuller lip-line makes, is stunning! Very often a lip-line and blend takes you over the point of ordinary and into that place of super confident or just smugly satisfied that you look better than you ever have. Many of you will want to come back to have your lips filled in for a complete lip blush and lucky you if you already have the colour. My beautiful client this morning told me her boss finally asked her how she gets her eyeliner perfect every day. An earthy pink was chosen for her full mouth this morning which will need one or two more sessions. It’s worth her long drive, as she can forget her lipstick for a few years. Later, her full lip refreshers will be even fuller, darker or softer, whatever she wishes.

Enjoy the end of semester holidays…relax.