July has already been a busy month.

Several new clients and some of my established clients,  have been trotting around to different parts of the world lately. While they have thoroughly enjoyed their tattoo make-up for the most part, wherever they have had it done in the world, especially it’s convenience; there does come a time when they need a cosmetic tattoo refresh.

Sometimes I like to give a little incentive to those who need it.

Until the end of July come in and have your eyebrows revamped starting at $200.  If your brows have faded somewhat with all that sun, wind and other exposure (medication and cell renewel plays it’s part) then you may have wished to have come in sooner to re-state the obvious – that you don’t have to do much to look gorgeous.

Yes, it’s too often said that eyebrows really make the difference, and it’s easy to have the  “I’m so glad I still don’t have to draw my eyebrows on” attitude when really you can have so much more with a little regular upkeep.

The nice thing about booking in for another ‘polish’ is that you may decide to change your brow shape or colour. You may have admired someone else’s brows either in a magazine or in a store for that matter, and thought….”that’s actually what I really wanted in the first place”.

Sometimes semi-permanent  eyebrow makeup seems such a scary option, but you can get used to the idea of not having to apply brows everyday, rather soon! It takes about a week – the time the eyebrows heal from the first procedure

We are open for your convenience (mostly) on week days and weekends…. for beautiful brows!