Various cosmetic tattoo procedures for lips come with various names. When you come in for lip colour tattooed on your lips, you will have most likely thought about it for ages before your appointment. It is important to have an idea of how you like to see your lips. You can then convey that to your semi-permanent tattoo artist. Bring in your most used lip pencils or lip colours too.

Many of you want fuller lips, that is, a vermillion border that gives top lip symmetricity in relation to the lower lip (or if you like, visa-versa). Another request is lipline and colour blended to remove the expectation of (traditional) makeup bleeding into fine lines or heavier wrinkles. Scarring on the lip is common through misadventures, accidents, surgery and can change the look of the lips in a lovely way.

A soft and natural tattoo correction to the lip border can make all the difference in the world. Full lips that don’t really seem to be there somehow, can be softly accentuated.

Deep colour or chic and pale… a good protective moisturiser/ lip gloss on tattooed lips, is important and looks good.

I say many times, lip tattoo does not give a lipstick look but allows you to feel special, and look classy, even when super soft and natural. I could even say that a rosy mouth can look healthier.

Further appointments or yearly refreshers will give you more colour, more coverage will ultimately last longer. It does depend on what you want.

In the cosmetic tattoo world, we know everyone is different. Every one heals differently, and the healing agenda isn’t hard and fast. That is the beauty of it all! Colours are most often custom blended for individual outcomes.

Lip colour is tattooed on the outermost layer of the dermis and a lot of your appointment time will be having you exacting the shape and having you comfortable.

The next important step is keeping your lip tattoo clean…very clean and to expect some swelling. Most clients love this part although swell does disappear in 3 or 4 days. When exfoliation is finished and lips no longer look and feel like chapped skin, they can look too light. Skin cells are reinventing themselves and it may seem confusing. Wait a few more weeks and up to 12 weeks after your final procedure to see the beauty and convenience of semi-permanent blushed lips.

Sometimes I see you have beautiful features and you know what cosmetic tattoo procedures you want. It intrigues me how some of you leave your lips untouched. This is for a few reasons; you might be aware that lipstick and crayons contain traces of lead, and other metals. These may be swallowed or at least absorbed through the mucosal tissues in the mouth. You may tend to reapply colour repeatedly during the day and night and it’s almost as if it is a habit or afterthought. In USA there have been studies on metals present in various popular brands. Manganese, Cadmium, Chromium, copper, nickel to name a few. Typically, some of these additives stabilise the product or adds shine and glitter.

Semi-permanent make-up, is the option. Cosmetic tattoo lip blush, lip-line or line & blend are decisions based on how much natural colour you already have. Lip tattoo is without doubt one of the better beauty enhancements you can give yourself. As our lips succumb to the elements + we can fool ourselves and everyone else that we have a wider, plumper more attractive pair of lips after the careful application of micro-pigmentation. Even the merest suggestion of colour (blush) can work well but be aware that all cosmetic tattoo fades and needs a refresh every year or so, usually.

Apart from the sheer good looks of lip tattoo, there is the peace of mind our lip inks and pigments are safe.

I believe most women are enjoying more natural procedures now and love it when friends, family and colleagues don’t quite know how they get their makeup looking super subtle and lovely.

Don’t forget to check our fibroblasting procedures and tattoo removal. A phone call and chat is a nice way to simplify your queries.



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Once top or lower micro-pigmentation is applied, clients invariably ask for more! To help take the stress out of this decision we will have you eyes looking fabulous on the same appointment at a great price.

Considering different depths of colour or different shades for top and bottom? Consultations for all cosmetic tattoo procedures are free as  usual. Does added layered colour with your eyeliner excite you? Talk with us about options!

hello everyone.

A confidence reducing  problem that can affect all ages seems to be scars of all types. This need not be so of course,  as life brings with it all sorts of unforeseen circumstances and misadventures that can result in marks, scars, and skin colour changes to the face, head,  neck and body.  They can show that a person has had an interesting life!  However,  it is  encouraging to know that scar camouflague with tattoo makeup may indeed bring back a care-free feeling  to those  individuals who require the procedure.

 Eyebrow scars are so common, and the brow area  is vunerable and where the skin easily broken. Hair strokes are placed strategically  into  the missing areas, although care is taken as to assess the individual’s skin condition and age of the scarring  before skin coloured camouflague is used.

Semi-permanent camouflague makeup certainly does have it’s place where skin colour is the answer and especially awkward or obvious areas can be ‘worked’ into eye-shadowing and eyeline colouring as well.  Custom blended natural vegetable pigments gently eases away acne,  sun spots and other marks.  Micro-pigmentation  ‘after-care’  is essential as always.

Recently I went back  for a micro-dermabrasion and gently reminded the professional again that I had a couple of  sun spots semi- permanently tattooed. She assured me the procedure would not damage ‘my work’.  My skin benefited greatly from her treatment, and sure enough, the dark shadows were as good as newly hidden after the repeated once a month sessions. Therefore cosmetic tattoo camouflague  lasts as well as any other cosmetic tattoo procedures. Gladly I’ll pass on the details of this  talented lady. Getting back to blemishes, and scaring –  one need not worry about applying and reapplying makeup to difficult  areas that can sometimes be embarrassing, or at least, disturbing, in fact it they may well be forgotten about after a cosmetic tattoo procedure.

 Men love this work!

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