Commonly, a new client phones us to say that eyebrows were applied too dark or badly shaped. Other problems include colour change or quick fading. We enjoy working with natural vegetable pigments, so that we don’t have those problems. This reminds me to say, yet again –  know your semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo artist. Word of mouth and experience amounts to a lot. When was the first client your professional had? A couple of months ago or several years ago? Good cosmetic tattooing takes years to understand. How many clients does your professional work with in a day? Each client takes at least two hours and often a lot more time; from consultation to lifting the cold pack off the cosmetically tattooed areas.  Time is something we should have plenty of.  Why? Your artist needs to have a clear understanding of any medical or other problems you may have.  As well, every stroke, and every smudge of colour needs to be perfect, to the cosmetic tattoo artist, and you, the client. You must feel that the very best work possible has been achieved, knowing that after the shedding of the superficial pigment, semi-permanent colour will have started give the shaping, highlighting and definition your features appear to crave. 

So how do you best feel comfortable with your procedure? Your professional will have listened, advised, and drawn or applied with pigment the required look.  At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, you  may follow the work with a mirror if you wish. We start conservatively, shaping, colouring and forming, until all is perfect.

Having said all of the above, with time and care, corrective work also gives stunningly good results. Always check that you admire the style of your cosmetic tattoo artist’s work.  Ask all the questions that concern you, and don’t be afraid you might appear ‘fussy’.  Lastly, make sure you are 100% happy with the final designs before and/or during the procedure. This ensures a happy completion and the confidence that often gives nature a helping hand in healing!

Consultations are here for you to discuss, question and decide whether micropigmentation (or semi-permanent makeup) is the right choice for you. Take the time – it’s free!