2019 has been an exceptional year. Not only does Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo offer a cosmetic treatment using Plasma to reduce excess skin, tightening and lifting skin in the process…we also understand how scalp micropigmentation has come a long way in creating confidence in males who suffer over premature and baldness through genetics and aging.

Let’s explain. First, Plasma fibroblasting is known as Soft Surgery. A low risk, comfortable, affordable (much more so than surgery) and remarkable treatment for Upper and Under Eyes, Neck Tightening, Tummy tightening among many skin imperfections, including acne scars, skin tags and sun spots. Fibroblasting regenerates collagen and elastin by producing a tiny electrical arc just above the skin. The procedure retracts tissue, tightening the surrounding skin with little down time. Treatments may be 15 to 30 minutes but not longer than an hour. And, it is so relaxing here!

Men often quietly endure years of thinning hair, often starting in their 20’s and even teens. An extraordinary type of micropigmentation especially for the scalp has been around for a few years now. Now more than ever though, with special pigments, lots of skill and patience, a superbly natural finish replaces painfully obvious bald patches and crowns. What has been corrective work for head scars and areas of baldness will this year be full scalp micropigmentation. Watch this space!

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Cheers, and have a Happy Easter in April.