February has slipped by and we are still being asked about our combination Shade/Hair Stroke Eyebrow procedure. Until the end of March, Janey will give you brows you wanted long ago.

Janey uses a unique technique which combines a soft powdered ‘back-drop’ with hair-strokes where appropriate. This gives an immaculate finished look and cosmetically tattooed brows that last. Semi-permanent Hair-strokes can be applied to exactly suit you. We are so individualistic; that being the most beautiful part of us all. To enhance this specialness is the key. To alter what you don’t consider attractive is often just a gentle nudge one way or the other or a colour change.

So if you would like a combination of shading and hair-strokes, otherwise known as shading and feathering or the powdered and hair-stroke finish; talk with Janey who will advise and inform on the day of your visit.

Janey will always make you comfortable and familiar to any semi-permanent procedure by providing a free consultation in person or by phone, any time.