For those of you who have their annual holidays at other times of the year, and for those who don’t seem to give themselves holidays – the good news is Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is open at weekends.

Do check our ‘special’ page.

We know it suits many people to start their cosmetic tattoo healing process over the weekend.

You know, by day three, a lot of the healing is completed.

Don’t hesitate to book Friday after work, or Saturday or Sunday if you can’t wait to get started. Otherwise we are open as normal during the week to accommodate you.

Cosmetic tattoo is also known as micro-pigmentation, makeup tattoo, semi-permanent makeup (in Australia), permanent make-up (overseas), tattoo make-up, and eyebrow embroidery!

I look forward to seeing you for eyebrow tattoo makeup – that is, either hairstrokes (or feathering), shaded brows, or combination shaded plus hair-stroke tattoo procedures. Fully cosmetically tattooed eyeliner is available at great prices too, upper or lower individually,  and all lip micro-pigmentation procedures plus scar camuflague and nipple and areola complex tattoo.

Eyelash extensions are expertly done by Jessica.

All consultations are free, and Janey is always happy to discuss by phone or email a query or thought you may have regarding any of the above procedures.

Happy holidaying and an abundant New Year.