It’s an interesting one, and in regards to cosmetic tattoo, I have had different thoughts about it over the years. It’s important to know how you are thinking when you come in for your consultation over this too. The first part of the usual two hour micropigmentation appointment may be full of questions/answers and sketching.

Many of you come in because you wish for natural hair like strokes to fill brows, a whisper of extra colour on your lips, defined lower lashes… or just a beauty spot!

I see so much work from various places that need correction. Skin is not an easy medium to beautify with tattoo, unless one has had many years experience and all too often a lovely face shouts ‘too much!’ However here, with patience, there is usually a way to rectify.

This brings me back to the original query “When is less more?” When you look and feel special with a just fine liner on your upper lashes. Ditto on your lower lash line or partly across your lower lashes as well. Less can give you so much more.

Brows are stunning when symmetrical but still natural with hair-strokes and powdery to finish the process a few weeks later. Here, less is more.

Lip shading, blushing, tattooing, can take your confidence much further when they are defined and colour blended to soften the whole look. What I like to see now are lips that are fully enhanced with shade and shape. An example of more really is more.

Be ready for Christmas. Nil checking if the wine glass has more lipstick than you, or if the Xmas pud has whipped away the very last of the lip line you took ages to get right!