A couple of days ago a visitor from the other side of the world requested freckle tattoo. Yes, freckles! I have cosmetically tattooed many freckles, but now more than ever it’s jumped from being a mildly different speciality to totally IN.  I have to say, they look very cute and fresh on my 20something client. They’ll be soft and just a light dapple in a few days.  I’m hoping work won’t take priority, and we’ll get an update.  As for beauty mark tattoo, always popular, and varying ideas on eyeliner tattoo makeup, my clients are forever imaginative but carefully exploratory.  Cosmetic tattoo or semi-permanent makeup is just the best for professionals and busy people.  I thought one day soon, my own love for lipstick may dissolve as I refreshed full lip tattoo on myself days before Christmas.  Now healed, it looks pretty, and I’ve had zero concern for my lips whilst hugging and dining and snacking.  The magic of tattoo makeup!

It’s just past midnight. Wishing you a superb New Year!