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Symmetrical Artistry

It’s always interesting when you come in requesting something a little different. Whilst you may ask for a simple and effective cosmetic tattoo refresh, subtle semi-permanent lip liner, wider brows than last year or extra shading around the eyes with cosmetic tattoo, you may want to come in with a query.

Cosmetic tattoo is so clever it can symmetrically enhance your left and right features. You know the left and right sides of your face are different;  that’s why so many of you are frustrated with the eyebrow makeup.  I enjoy helping with this forever dilemma! It’s extra special though when a client comes in with a noticeably smaller right or left eye, or noticeably flatter or uneven lip-line.  Sure, most of you have one smaller, higher, lower or thinner eyebrow.  It’s normal, but this really is when cosmetic tattoo can do great things.

Semi-permanent makeup  can give you the confidence by staying on day after day, month after month.  No-one need know your clever tattoo-makeup sorted out what nature seemingly overlooked.  A good example is when one of my clients came back for a refresh to her eyeliner and shading.  I had forgotten this pretty woman had natural unequally shaped eyes, as the cosmetic tattoo had  done a fine job of simply giving her beautiful eyes.  The best part as I always say, is that it matters not where my client is or in what circumstances, her tattoo makeup will not embarrassingly rub off.  I heard recently how a nurse tried wiping one of my clients’  lip tattoo before surgery. This must happen frequently.

I thought I’d give all of the above a mention, as my lady with ‘the eyes’ reminded me a few days ago how she gives thanks every day to having symmetrical eyes!  Perhaps this is not only done with cosmetic tattoo but for sure, it is usually easily done with cosmetic tattoo.  Phone, or come in for a free consultation.  I’m always glad to chat , if it helps.


semi-tattoo eyes & brows

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semi-tattoo eyes & brows
semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Cosmetic tattoo known as Permanent Makeup or more accurately Semi-Permanent makeup, Micro-pigmentation and Colour Implantation is the process of implanting natural iron oxide or titanium dioxide pigments or and natural vegetable pigments into the dermal (middle) layer of the skin.

Cosmetic Tattoo is a long lasting beauty treatment which is effective for up to 8 years and often a lot longer depending on the individual.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo there are new and exciting shades of pigments available, although stunning pure black still seems to be a favourite for eyes. We service all parts of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and in between.