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Spring and it's ambience –

Suddenly Spring has arrived and there’s new optimism and ambience in the air. Even if you only have a few minutes to to focus on the gentle rays of sun each day – it makes all the difference to your thoughts and well-being! Oh, how I love Spring. The new season reminds us just how good, and changeable life is. We have a big influence on how the future is being moulded, even in what seems, small and insignificant ways. Ideas, grasp new life and new energy at this time of the year. It’s such a good time!

Everyday we at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo,  have the general public inquiring about brows, eyes and lips. The questions are from women of all ages, who have busy working lives and don’t have the time to wear makeup. Many clients, I feel, are secretly chuffed when their colleagues enquire about their hair or even weight in a positive way after having micro-pigmentation. On a clean makeup free face, semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo can look elegant and tidy. Your only responsiblity is to keep stray hairs from brows in check. Difficult sometimes, when the confidence soars and you don’t feel you have to give your face a thought anymore!

There are others of you of course, who welcome all the changes that semi-permanent makeup gives. the crisp clean lines of lipliner, the more muted and shaded lipline and blend, and the hassel-free all over polished look of full lip cosmetic tattoo. Each eye, brow, or lip procedure has it’s place, and we enjoy showing you and demonstrating the differences with brush and  pigment. In all cases of lip tattoo, lipstick bleed becomes part of your history, and easy application of new lipstick colours, if wanted, is evident. Many times, the thrill of soft natural colour, outweighs the desire to apply traditional makeup substances to the face. The timely splash of extra colour though, is fun and a real blast.

So, no-one needs to look ordinary, with the fabulous colours and many procedures possible with tattoo makeup. Do make the effort though, to keep your cosmetic tattoo freshened and altered when necessary. How long, after your second and usually final procedure? We never say for sure. It does depend on your skin chemistry, lifestyle and various other factors. We do know, that to have the softer makeup tattoo colours refreshed after one, two, three or more years, keeps you  looking young, interested, and interesting. Darker shades, may be highlighted, or altered as hair colour and skin changes require subtle attention. Eyeliner makeup tattoo, lasts for years and years.

Janey makes ALL procedures, available an affordable to you so enquire now as Spring has sprung!


semi-tattoo eyes & brows

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semi-tattoo eyes & brows
semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Cosmetic tattoo known as Permanent Makeup or more accurately Semi-Permanent makeup, Micro-pigmentation and Colour Implantation is the process of implanting natural iron oxide or titanium dioxide pigments or and natural vegetable pigments into the dermal (middle) layer of the skin.

Cosmetic Tattoo is a long lasting beauty treatment which is effective for up to 8 years and often a lot longer depending on the individual.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo there are new and exciting shades of pigments available, although stunning pure black still seems to be a favourite for eyes. We service all parts of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and in between.