What We Offer

If you have patchy eyebrows or simply wish you had more brows, eyebrow embroidery is your answer. The natural look achieved by our technique is incomparable to other solutions like eyebrow tattoos
Perfect brow design depends on your face—shaping and balancing eyebrows to suit you. Many clients prefer a natural look. Be confident knowing you have perfectly placed brows.
Specially chosen pigments complement the design to give you a natural and flawless look. Results last for many months. We recommend ‘refreshers’ yearly or as required.
All tattoo fades over time. Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup is the art of creating beautiful brows that we can change as you change.
Eyeliner may be minimalistic with ‘lash enhancement’ or smoky eye-shape transformation. There are so many options. We would love to talk to you about them.
Upper Eyeliner may be all you need. We are here to advise what will look most stunning on you.
Lower Eyeliner Makeup can be fine, wide or a different complementary hue to your other tattooed makeup.
Lip definition can fade and disappear in early adult life. Asymmetrical features are normal and change as life changes. Shaping restores definition. Lip blushing gives you a lasting full colour that suits any occasion.
We excel in treating asymmetrical features which can be improved with subtle cosmetic tattoo. Scars and skin blemishes can be camouflaged. Natural colours can be restored after operations, in nipple and areolas for example..
We can rectify and redesign imperfect or unsatisfactory cosmetic tattoo. We can reduce and remove cosmetic tattoo. We use a laser free technique to preserve the skin surface for future design.

Our Services

We Offer Different eyebrow related services and procedure that yields natural, crisp strokes that resemble hair. It is done by hand, using a very fine blade to deposit a small amount of ink into the skin. What our clients say about this procedure

First Procedure $350
Brows By Hand or Machine
First Procedure $550
Upper & Lower Eyeliner together
First Procedure $100
Beauty Spot
First Procedure $550
Full Lips Shaping & Colour
First Procedure $550
Full lip blush

Frequently Asked Qestions

Is it going to hurt?

Everyone is different, however Janey’s long experience in releasing anxiety and apprehension coupled with excellent up to the minute topical anesthetics, will make any discomfort minimal.

Some people have a low pain threshold and others insist they feel nothing more than a slight tingling or prickling sensation throughout the procedure. Any discomfort is short-lived especially after a cool pack and rest at our premises. Any other queries, please call us. 0410411511

What about infection?

Please be assured that your health and safety is of utmost importance. We dispose of our needles in front of our clients and our quality equipment, products and hygiene are our No.1 priority. Any other queries, please call us. 0410411511

What may I expect after the procedure?

There is usually some swelling and/or redness, but little discomfort directly after the session. Ice packs may be used for short periods and a detailed after-care sheet is given.

Initially your cosmetic tattoo will look 30% to 50% darker or brighter than required. This is because the pigment is initially on the skin, as well as approximately 1mm below the surface. On the 2nd or 3rd day, the area will feel a little dry and flaky. Within  5 – 10 days a more accurate finished colour has revealed itself. This result is lovely and natural.

We recommend a refresh of your permanent makeup every year even if it only needs a touch up. This is at a reduced cost providing the initial work was done with us. Any other queries, please call us. 0410411511

How quickly can I go out?

You may show off your cosmetic tattoo immediately! The procedure won’t stop you from having fun or going about your daily routines.  We ask you to take care of the newly tattooed areas however, avoiding sun (wear sunglasses and sun block), chlorine, sea water and saunas. Finally and most importantly you must maintain hygiene and cleanliness of the area. Any other queries, please call us. 0410411511

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