Get perfect brows

Aperfect set of brows can transform your face and lighten your expression. At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo Gold Coast we know eyebrow microblading is a major facial feature. Their main function is to protect the eye, research has shown that eyebrows have other functions too. They provide clues for facial recognition and clues to personality. The appearance and shape can show mood and emotion. They are also important to human communication and facial expression; makeup artists know eyebrows are key in defining the face. The eyebrows can help shape the human face and give definition to the eyes and forehead.

Janey has lots of permanent cosmetic testamonials from women on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and overseas, whose permanent brow enhancement has brought about a life changing experience. They realize that their uniquely sculptured eyebrows created by Janey, have given them the ‘face’ they desired for most of their lives. The dramatic changes in appearance, outlook on life, and self esteem cannot be exaggerated. During the process colour is carefully selected with you, based on skin, hair toning and personal preference. A good technician will listen to the client’s ideas and concerns and discuss and alleviate any fears that are felt by the client. The preparation includes a trial run where the technician will draw onto the brow the proposed design for the client to approve. The client should be entirely content with colour shape and position, before anything is committed to.