Permanent Eyebrow


What makes cosmetic tattoo Gold Coast a pleasure, the answer is ‘ Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo’ where you relax and enjoy.

Talk to Janey regarding any apprehension or fears regarding makeup tattooing. Janey is also a skilled professional in these areas, as well as providing state-of-the-art topical anesthetics here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo Gold Coast

Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo Gold Coast, Makeup Tattooing or Permanent Makeup is So Popular.


Situation   Benefit
Asymmetrical features   Lack of balance, and noticeable unevenness in facial features? Gentle Cosmetic tattoo Gold Coast will enjoy recreating a pleasing result together with you.
Hair loss   Removing, shaving, tweezing or hormonal changes results in an untidy appearance.
Sport and active lifestyle   Cosmetic tattoo is the most waterproof of all makeup. swim, camp, work-out at the gym, dance or exercise in any way, any time and still have your makeup in place on your face.
Age or Accident   Loss of colour and hair to brows, lack of vermilion line to lips and faded lips can all be freshened and enhanced permanently.
Celebrities and those in the public spot-light   You’ll know your makeup will stay in one place under harsh light or sun.
Convenience   Career women love permanent makeup. The time and energy saved is invaluable.
Confidence   Many people appreciate looking great but their skills, interest or confidence do not include applying makeup.
Contacts or glasses   Cosmetic tattoo is time-saving and easy when it’s difficult to see.
Vision loss   Regardless of macular degeneration, cataracts, or other vision loss problems, permanent makeup ensures a fresh, natural appearance 24/7.
Medical problems   Scars, medications such as chemotherapy and medical reasons such as Alopecia cause hair loss which are ideal situations to employ cosmetic tattoo and restore confidence. New MRI equipment rarely causes problems and a cool eye cushion or eye pads over the eyes reduces tingling or other discomfort. Janey will have a questionaire for you regarding your medical background.
Save time and money   Forget the pencils, eyeliners and stay-on lipsticks.
Sensitive skin or allergies   Just when you thought you couldn’t wear makeup. Sensitive skin, seasonal allergies or allergic reactions to conventional makeup mean semi-permanent makeup is the easy choice. Come to Gentle cosmetic tattoo Gold Coast
Oily skin and other skin conditions   Never smears or wipes off.
Natural look   Special coloured pigments are seen through a thin veil of skin which when healed gives a fine, soft, natural look. Especially natural effects can be created if wished.
Glamourise or Change your look?   Add the colours and drama you love. Permanent makeup is not always intended to replace cosmetics. This gives you a wonderful opportunity to ‘play’ knowing that underneath is a semi-permanent ‘better than bare’ look. However, Janey will always comply if you want that extra touch initially. Do it here at Gentle cosmetic tattoo Gold Coast