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The convenience of semi-permanent makeup is so exciting to women here in our sun-soaked land, but it is sometimes coupled with anxiety that is not necessary.

I sometimes suggest new clients to the art, that cosmetically tattooed Eyelash Enhancement is a beautiful and natural way to start makeup tattoo. My long experience tells me that women are often ecstatic when they recognise what cosmetic tattoo can offer, with little discomfort and maintenance.

Eyelash Enhancement via cosmetic tattoo is a fool-proof way of adding thickness and depth to your eye-lashes which can last year after year. The process is simple, and effective.

After numbing crème has been applied and left for several minutes, pigment is implanted between, and through your lashes. The area is thoroughly blanketed with colour just in and on the skin until the top layer peels naturally. This way the natural shape of the eye is retained but an intriguing quality is added. Many sportswomen and some men really like this idea, wanting a natural look.  It is easy to add a subtle extension at the outer ends or to impregnate deep blue to highlight great eyes. The eyes I saw today, with coloured contacts in place, shall be enhanced even more with this procedure after my client’s current work has healed. However, for this session, her contacts will be left at home!

Great with lash enhancement or any cosmetic tattoo eye procedure is Eyelash Extensions.  Eyelash Extensions are applied artfully by ‘Getting Lashed’ to give an immaculate appearance. Soft, dark lashes individually applied with no mascara ever needed. When you have tattoo makeup and lash extensions, there is not much else to do to maintain a flawless appearance.

Jess 041537508 fabulously offers a full set of lashes for just $80 and infills for $50 when booking with Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.

Jess offers free phone consultations or look at www.gettinglashed.com.au for lots of information on her gorgeous, natural looking lashes.

Consultations are free for micro pigmentation with Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo and look at the SPECIALS page.


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semi-tattoo eyes & brows

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semi-tattoo eyes & brows
semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Cosmetic tattoo known as Permanent Makeup or more accurately Semi-Permanent makeup, Micro-pigmentation and Colour Implantation is the process of implanting natural iron oxide or titanium dioxide pigments or and natural vegetable pigments into the dermal (middle) layer of the skin.

Cosmetic Tattoo is a long lasting beauty treatment which is effective for up to 8 years and often a lot longer depending on the individual.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo there are new and exciting shades of pigments available, although stunning pure black still seems to be a favourite for eyes. We service all parts of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and in between.