“I recently had Plasma/Fibroblast treatment on my eyelids and I have to say I am very impressed with the results. Thank you Janey I will be back for more. My skin is so smooth and every week it looks tighter and lifted. This is amazing work, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to treat me with this delicate procedure Thank you again.”

. KT July 2020

What conditions can be treated with Plasma Fibroblast?

Neck and Arm

Neck, Knee Caps, Upper Arms

Variable price, please enquire


Lip rejuvenation (lip lifting)

Variable price, please enquire


Acne and scar camoflage

Variable price, please enquire


Frown & Worry lines (above and between the brows)  $300

Forehead lines (or brow lift) $350

Crows feet

Crow’s Feet

from $300

sun spots freckles

Sunspots, age spots, damaged skin, skin tags, freckles

Variable price, please enquire


Neck lifting and firming

Full Neck$750

Front neck (throat)$350

upper lip

Upper Lip & Chin

Upper lip (smokers lines) $350

Chin $350

after preg

After Pregnancy loose Skin

Loose stomach skin (after pregnancy)from$350

Full stomach tightening is available


Eyelid tightening & Under Eyes

Upper eyelid Lift $350

Under eye skin tightening$350


Brow lifting

Variable price, please enquire

smile lines

Smile Lines

Variable price, please enquire

How does Plasma Treatment work?

Plasma/fibroblast treatment offers you an innovative skin-lifting technique which provides similar results to surgery without bleed, danger or over lifting results. (The needle does not touch the skin).

During the procedure your skin is treated with the plasma device. It creates a painless electric arc, a plasma flash, between the tip of the pen and your skin by using natural gasses the skin emits and the voltage in the air.The ionized gas, or plasma, delivers heat into the dermis layer (under the outer layer, activating fibroblasts.

This inflammatory response, whilst repairing cells, causes the skin tissue to retract, shrink and tighten by stimulating natural collagen. Collagen gives your skin strength and elastin allows stretched or contracted skin to pull back into shape. A gentle treatment which results in smoother, younger, rejuvenated skin.

What can I expect after the treatment?

Effects can be observed immediately after treatment but the final result will be seen after 12weeks.The number of treatments may vary depending on the area, skin laxity, and sought after result. If more than usual amounts of treatments are needed, they will be spaced out between 8 weeks.

The effects should last as long as a regular surgery and just like it, they are not entirely permanent since aging doesn’t stop after the treatment.Lifestyle factors can prevent the results from lasting as long as possible. Such factors can be smoking, alcohol consumption, and prolonged sun exposure.