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The year has started swiftly here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, with women of all ages….and I mean all ages enquiring about semi-permanent makeup. An interesting observation has been made to me by the number of bespectacled ladies who recognise that in spite of plain or zany specs, (face furniture) cosmetically tattooed brows and eyes enhance their upper face. Why is this? A good tattoo makeup procedure will ensure a soft, natural and sophisticated appearance behind spectacles. For many women this is not easy to achieve each day, and obviously when wearing their frames! Apart from the awkwardness, the lens itself can give away more by its magnification which encourages more than a little panic in the morning I’m told. “Tell me something new” I hear you say. Let me say that excitement does come when you have discovered the joy of cosmetic tattoo!


Your makeup needs to be applied beautifully to suit, to feel good and help the day flow. Tattoo makeup can achieve this and has so many other benefits and one is for certain – your brow, eye and lip makeup do stay in place!  This truly is where skilled work is essential. I shall talk more about this in my next post.


In the meantime, contact us for the super new specials that finish the end of February, or if you want to chat.


It’s still early, so have a happy and beautiful new year, all of you.



semi-tattoo eyes & brows

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semi-tattoo eyes & brows
semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Cosmetic tattoo known as Permanent Makeup or more accurately Semi-Permanent makeup, Micro-pigmentation and Colour Implantation is the process of implanting natural iron oxide or titanium dioxide pigments or and natural vegetable pigments into the dermal (middle) layer of the skin.

Cosmetic Tattoo is a long lasting beauty treatment which is effective for up to 8 years and often a lot longer depending on the individual.

At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo there are new and exciting shades of pigments available, although stunning pure black still seems to be a favourite for eyes. We service all parts of the Gold Coast, Brisbane and in between.