• Rectification and colour Corrections – Price based on requirements
    • Upper Eyeliner $350
    • Lower Eyeliner $300
    • Upper & Lower Eyeliner together $550
    • Upper and lower Eyelash Enhancer $550 (Colour is placed within the lash line for men & women)
    • Second Appointment within 2-8 wks $150
    • Special Treatments – Price based on requirements
    • Scar Treatments and Tattoo Removal – Price based on requirements

What makes eyeliner tattooing at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo special? Our brushed eyeliner technique!

Janey has techniques developed that are uniquely her own, they give a superior natural enhanced look to your eyeliner.

Ask Janey about her expertise in reducing your anxiety prior to the eyeliner procedure. Janey uses the best and most powerful topical anaesthetics. Janey has many years as an emotional/body/mind therapist. Her expertise can make your experience comfortable and enjoyable.

Our irises are colored and float against backdrops of white and encircle dark pupils. You do not find this color contrast in the eyes of most apes. The eyes are more than just windows to the outside world. They are also a gateway inward and provide others with glimpses of our inner thoughts and feelings. Whilst we can use our eyes to see, we are aware they can be seen to. Permanent makeup can frame these natural wonders in the most flattering and enhancing way. Pigments are chosen, then specially blended in order to enhance your own natural colouring. There are smoky greens and blues and lilacs to improve the look of the eyes. Those colors may be layered with complementary shades for stunningly beautiful effects. Interestingly, black still seems to be a great favourite. It to can have colour added.

Permanent eyeliner makeup may define and frame the eye in the softest and most natural way. Of course it may be augmented later if the client wishes. Alternatively your initial requirement may be bold and dramatic or a special individual effect. Every choice you make is carefully discussed and appraised before we go ahead with it. Perhaps you require a great base that looks good always, and one that you may change with traditional makeup as your mood requires.

There are so many choices and eyeliner styles, and we listen carefully to your wishes! Edges may be defined softened and smudged, defined or faded off, rounded, or smoothed away. Lighter tones may be applied over or above the base design. Sheer pretty hues are also a featured on their own.

If you are not sure, or have never experienced eyeliner, we strongly suggest the EYELASH enhancement procedure. Both men and women are demanding eyelash enhancement both genders desire the appearance of thicker lashes. How can we do this? By using thousands of tiny dots, semi-permanently placed along the lashline, between the lashes. Using a softer, gentler shading will create depth without that ‘make up’ look. Our clients are often amazed and delighted, There is sometimes a request to give added thickness and style at the touch-up appointment a few weeks later.

Lower liner only on this beautiful lady. Once only and healed.

Top and below eyeliner is the solution for this super swimming instructor.

semi-tattoo eyes & brows

 A forever-young woman near retirement who ‘took on’ Micro-feathering. The image shows healed upper and lower eyeliner.

It was finally time for eyeliner – top and bottom

Minimalistic tattoo – top eyeliner enhancement for the most natural look ever!

Top row…upper liner healed and completed – perfect for this lovely lady..

Second row…straight after procedure.

eylnr 29-1

A pretty 60something professional. Full eyeliner with an aqua overlay.



lner-after29 1


Eyelnrb22 1 18

Ash in a ‘before’ shot, due to have a complete, but minimalist eyeliner procedure.


(After) Ash had a revamp of her eyebrows from a couple of years back. This time she also opted to have a first procedure for full eyeliner as well. All images are untouched and the cosmetic tattooed areas shown, are immediately after the procedure.


Here we have a busy professional – the procedure is a ‘just right’ subtle definition to keep her beautiful natural look.

31 12 eyeliner

Queensland’s summer days and nights, and…no makeup runs!

Immediately after lash enhancement

Before lash enhancement and brows,

This is the unique brushed eyeliner technique
It is only available from Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.
Immediately after an Eyelash Enhancement procedure

Immediately after full eyeliner procedure

Before and Immediately After 1st Procedure


Healed eyeliner several months after 2nd appointment

Before first procedure
First procedure – lids a little swollen

Pigments are chosen and specially blended to enhance your own natural coloring. There are smoky greens and blues and lilacs to improve the eyes, and all may be layered with complementary shades for stunningly beautiful effects. Interestingly, black still seems to be a great favorite. Then we can add and layer color on top.

Before 1st procedure for eyeliner
Immediately after 1st procedure
Again immediately after 1st procedure
Healed 1st procedure
Immediately after 2nd procedure,
more flair was requested for the final look
6 months after 2nd procedure
Healed natural-look eyebrows plus smudgy eyeliners up and down, and healing lipliner
With mature and healed brows and top eyeliner (2yrs) – no fussing over makeup

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoo is complimented greatly by having beautiful brows also, read more here.