Miss Elley's beauty spot!

  Miss Elley’s beauty spot! Actually, Miss Elley first came in a couple of years ago and this time requested a slightly bolder beauty mark. Elly is gorgeous and it suits her. I’ll update very soon to promote her divine voice on CD and show you how her beauty spot has healed.

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Back home on 11th February

We’re are off to the freezing cold UK for 2 weeks, and will be back on 11th February.  Singapore on the way is always a delight, I just love Singapore, the people, the airport, everything! Just a quick word though, as I will be thoroughly looking forward to seeing you when we get back.  Many…

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So you have decided to see what all the fuss is over the sensible, classy and time-saving procedures of cosmetic tattoo. Following, are a few pre-appointment tips so you can be happily prepared. Cosmetic tattoo is also known as semi-permanent makeup, micro-pigmentation, tattoo makeup, makeup tattoo, eyebrow embroidery, and sometimes permanent makeup. With all cosmetic tattoo, we give at…

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