We wish all of you a very lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year! For those of you who had a difficult and even devastating 2022, we wish you success, peace and light as we welcome Christmas and the New Year. Thank you and see you soon. Janey
It is becoming less often that you see really pretty and natural looking brows, ones that are tattooed. Granted most of you want natural looking makeup, perfect for the cosmetically tattooed inclined. To achieve that look you do need to see an artist who has had many years experience. We as professionals need to know […]
Brows have to be number one here – why? because making new eyebrows every morning seems to be the most frustratingly annoying and anxiety producing part of most women’s makeup regime 🙂 So much better to have a lovely natural brow that suits you, that will look good on you and help bless your days, […]
The most sought after look in the business of Cosmetic and Medical tattoo is a a flawless natural look. Natural is not always required though. A soft velvety lip tattoo is an amazing look or a darker blush ideally works with a previously weak or non lip-line. With fashion being just that, ‘Fashion’ you cannot […]
…especially when they are cosmetically tattooed. Considering that temporary beauty marks were around in Roman times, they would surely have been seen as attractive to many. In fact Roman woman sometimes wore several! So here we are in 2022, the cosmetic tattoo spot may be simpler and more alluring for these times, by being thought […]
Happy New Year all of you! Thank you, and thank you again for being the kind of people we love to meet. Your kindness, patience, open-ness and humour has shined through, making the sometimes rocky road of 2021 interesting and rewarding in the world of cosmetic and medical tattoo. We particularly wish you a fulfilling […]
You have thought about cosmetic tattoo for a long time now. Or you’ve been looking at someone else’s flawless makeup day after day and now it’s your turn, right? I hear this all the time! My clients often say to me, “I have wanted to do this for so long”….and later, “why didnt I do this years ago?”  The following pre-care notes are […]