Beauty Spots and Freckles

Beauty Spots and Freckles


Beauty spots and more natural looks…

I thought I’d mention that there’s been a wave of ladies coming in for cosmetically tattooed beauty spots.  It’s always interesting where they decide to have these beauty marks because they are where they should be!  Such a small addition to a face,  but a well-placed dot can do so much.  My last two such clients this week chose superb browns, not too dark.  A beauty spot can be as tiny as a pinhead or a big as a freckle and undoubtedly brings out a hidden aspect of a personality.  They were great cosmetic tattoo choices and will last.

New lip lines, like brows, are also never going to go out of style. We aim to have people wonder how you keep looking so good!  Reshaping the lip line in a lovely tone can give a whole new meaning to a face.  One of my 30+ clients had unusual but very pretty lips but so wanted them wider and fuller without injection.  When completed with tattoo makeup, I saw that was the answer,  and my client was totally rapt!  It was nice to get a call a couple of weeks later saying the colour was soft on her skin tone and changed the appearance of her mouth to what she had only dreamed.

It’s easy and inexpensive to keep up your good looks once you are a client at  Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.  Add refreshers to your regular schedule to keep colour and shape looking precise.  Every skin is different and has differing cosmetic tattoo requirements but generally, you can expect to refresh some of your makeup tattoo each year or 18mths, often longer.

To close,  I met a young client chilling out at a park today.  It was unexpected to see her after over a year and her soft, subtle tattoo makeup looked so good!  Her brows alone will last many more months – no problem!

Queries or feelings of nervousness about any procedure?    Please phone.    Sometimes you just need to talk about something you have put off but always wanted to do.