Areola & Nipple Tattoo


We have people of all ages enquire about cosmetic tattoo. Both genders have booked in for re-enhancement, or complete colour reconstruction of their nipples and areolas. The reasons people ask for this procedure can be varied and complex, but most often it is not about vanity.  Women, and men too, have mastectomies and other forms of breast surgery. The result of this is a necessity to restore the areola and nipple. We can do this with cosmetic tattoo techniques. Often when they have been given cosmetic tattoo, the client feels some completion after the trials of their surgery. We have found that only after areola and nipple reconstruction that people are able to focus on their lives once again.

The natural and convincing results of cosmetic tattoo micro-pigmentation of the areola complex can help you feel desirable again after surgery. The ebbing away of confidence that ongoing trauma causes, soon rushes back when you see yourself whole again. We understand that after diagnosis and invasive surgery, often the last thing you want to look at is more reconstructive work. However, it is likely your surgeon has ‘coned’ a nipple for you at the time of your breast reconstruction. Six to eight weeks later you have the option of areola micro-pigmentation being provided by us. We have soft natural colours especially formulated for this work. Many patients and surgeons will opt for 3D tattoo rather than darker skin grafts from other areas of the body. Over the years para-medical tattoo has proven to give more realistic, pleasing and satisfying results.

Is para-medical tattoo different to other semi-permanent tattoo procedures?

The para-medical or the semi-permanent areola and nipple restorative technique is a variation of cosmetic tattoo. We use different procedures, tools and needle combinations. This specialized work will create a nipple and areola to complete you.

How long does the procedure take?

Micro-pigmentation is done fairly quickly, with nipples and areolas designed and tattooed in two hours or less.

Do I really have choice?

As with all our procedures at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, we appreciate your input. We will match the areola complex to your other breast, or create two new beautiful areolas and nipples you will be happy with.

Will it hurt?

There is usually little or no nerve endings in the breast area immediately after your reconstruction, so you will feel very little discomfort, In fact the procedure is usually painless . We have the best anaesthetics available for this procedure and you will leave knowing your breasts appear complete and natural. 


After care is minimal. Your areola area will be prepared and covered with a gauze swab, and you will be asked to keep the area moisturized to help the healing process.

Following your tattooing procedure, you will notice subtle changes and improvements over the next few days. We advise you to keep the area clean and well moisturised. Little more needs to be done! The tattooed area always looks darker and fresher immediately following the session. It takes on a more natural hue over the next week to ten days. Perfecting the work with a second session is usually essential when the area is exfoliated and totally healed.


Hygiene is always our paramount concern. You are given the best hygienic care and advice. Disposable needles are always disgarded of at the end of each treatment.

How many appointments do I need?

There are two procedures. We want you to be delighted with your newly acquired areola complex. Your surgeon may already have given you breasts pretty enough to wear a T-Shirt without a bra. We can give you the confidence of going bra-less in other circumstances.

We hope this has given you a brief understanding of the areola complex restorative technique.

As a footnote, some of our clients request semi-permanent tattoo to their areola complex for reasons other than the above. Faded and irregular areolas can be enhanced to their previous beauty, restoring confidence in the individual once again.

Do not hesitate to contact us with other queries.

A percentage of Janey’s work is pro bono.
These patients are usually referred by a surgeon or professional consultant.

nipple aereol
nipple aereol

Before nipple complex work. Image colour has changed from camera to camera

nipple aereol

The first bilateral nipple complex procedure after approximately 7 days

nipple aereol

These nipples have been reconstructed surgically, and then tattooed to suit the client

nipple aereol

The second and final procedure has just been completed

nipple aereol

All ready for 3D bilateral nipple complex

nipple aereol

This picture is immediately after 3D nipple complex tattoo. Any adjustments may be made at the second procedure, where the nipple may be enhanced or the areola adjusted to suit the breast and please the client.

nipple aereol

Before cosmetic tattoo

semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Immediately after micro-pigmentation on both breasts

semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Still peeling while healing

semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Healed nipple and areola colour enhancement

semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Immediately after final micro-pigmentation. The areola
complex has been completely reconstructed and will heal to a beautiful natural looking nipple and areola

semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Nipple and Areola tattoo. A nipple has been surgically set in place ready
for micropigmentation

semi-tattoo eyes & brows

Three months after procedure. The areola complex has been matched almost
perfectly to the opposite breast