Sri Lanka, Singapore, and tattoo makeup…

Sri Lanka, Singapore!  Sri Lanka is a paradise and only about three and a half hours flight from the magic of Singapore.  I always feel deeply privileged and thankful that I’ve experienced these beautiful spots on the world map, and am always delighted at new friendships made.

We had a driver take us from Negombo to the exotic tea plantations in the highlands and later ambled our way up to Jaffna where only a few years ago civil war was rife.  How different it is now where we walked peacefully along beautiful Amaya Beach, visited Trincomalee and returned through busy Dambulla back to Negombo, to catch our flight.

We saw so few westerners and I was glad that I fitted into the crowds nicely (or so I hoped), with no makeup except my cosmetic tattoo and ever so light shoes and clothing. My bare pale skin was well taken care of with semi-permanent tattooed brows for which I was so glad! Eyes were dark with makeup tattoo with just enough turquoise pigment for interest.  Again I was relieved not to have to spend time on lipstick although lip balm was secretly whipped out often enough.

Jaffna was hot and windy, whilst Nuwardiya was cold!  The skin takes a lot when travelling, so to spend more time combating dryness and allowing semi-permanent makeup take care of the rest, for me, is forever appreciated.

Call me if you are interested in the cosmetic tattoo experience!  I shall be happy to answer  any of your questions to the best of my ability.

It’s almost August! Have a wonderful new month.








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