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MOTHERS DAY- New Brows, Special Price

All mums’ appreciate the thoughtful gift of a cosmetic tattoo procedure. For the month of May and June we are offering $50 off your mum’s brow tattoo procedure. Cosmetic tattoo is also called micro-blading, semi-permanent makeup, waterproof makeup, tattoo makeup, and feathering, among other references. Techniques and tools may differ but we are still talking [...]

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Pain free (or almost)…

In a way, it’s now or never  to make the tattoo makeup decision!  An exaggeration really, but so many times I have clients’ say “I wish I’d done this years ago” or, “I’ve always been too scared to have a cosmetic tattoo”. Comfort has come a long way in the cosmetic tattoo business and nowadays one [...]

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Free Brow Boost for October

If you are already a client at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, you may love the opportunity to have a free Cosmetic Tattoo boost in October.  This is a great way to encourage a pal (for example, this could be an aunt or work colleague ) to stop talking about getting her brows done – to getting [...]

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minimal cosmetic tattoo – another option

Minimal cosmetic tattoo works well when you have been pondering on having it done for a long time, or a long, long time! Semi-permanent eyelash enhancement always gives a low key, fine look.  It’s a look that says you have cared to make the effort.  In most cases one cannot tell if you have softly [...]

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Micro blading – what it is

I decided to add a last minute blog for May as my tablet has been at the shop for repair and my May blog disappeared!  So here are a few thoughts. I’ve been asked about micro blading a lot lately.  Micro blading is another name for cosmetic tattoo hair-strokes, feathering, eyebrow embroidery, micro-pigmentation and the list goes on. It’s when [...]

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Framing the face and exotic eyes…

I had one of my regular clients come in the other day for semi-permanent tattoo.  Regular in that Dianne has her eyebrows revamped every year (for the last 7 years).  It was interesting because this now friend commented how aging some brows are!  What on earth does she mean?  Well, eyebrows are telling in many ways and we [...]

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Sometimes little is best..

One of the loveliest looks around is Eyelash Enhancement tattoo.  This is a beautiful coverage through the lashes but not above the lash-line.  You might wonder who would favour this procedure rather than a fine liner, but some of you have not wanted to experiment with makeup or don’t really need cosmetics.  Yes, there are those beauties around! An exceptional advantage of [...]

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Before your Semi-permanent Tattoo…

  It’s always fun when you decide for sure ‘this is the day’ to have a semi-permanent tattoo procedure. It’s taken you sooo long and now your mum or sister or friend, or the new girl in the office is quietly showing off  the best cosmetic tattoo you have seen. So, when you arrive for your [...]

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The convenience of semi-permanent makeup is so exciting to women here in our sun-soaked land, but it is sometimes coupled with anxiety that is not necessary. I sometimes suggest new clients to the art, that cosmetically tattooed Eyelash Enhancement is a beautiful and natural way to start makeup tattoo. My long experience tells me that [...]

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  We’re talking about Cosmetic Tattoo, Micro-pigmentation,Semi-Permanent Make-up, Eyebrow Embroidery, Semi-Permanent Tattoo, Tattoo Makeup or however you know this skilled art as. But what really makes the difference from one artist to the other? When a technician is primarily interested in your comfort, has an eye for design and  detail, and loves what he or she does, [...]

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