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Tired Eyes…

Hello Everyone, It was just the other day I dropped in to see Belle, a 30 something young mum.  Littlies around her knees, new pup around her ankles.  However did we do it I thought!  She threw me this jaded look while smoothing her face and rubbing tired eyes whilst I made tea.  Why am I telling you this?  [...]

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It’s easy to look after new Cosmetic Tattoo…

When you arrive at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, many of you are full of apprehension and/or excitement at having your cosmetic tattoo.  Of course you soon relax (it’s so beautiful here) and I’m listening to what you want and can see right away as well!  During your procedure possibly not much about your ‘after-care’ advice has sunk [...]

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Is Cosmetic Tattoo You

What’s in a name?  Semi-permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation, hair-stroke tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, permanent make-up, embroidery tattoo, tattoo make-up, feathering, microblading? Yes they are all the same.   We are talking about tattoo.  The lovely thing about this specialised work is the colours and procedures are very different.  An artist of cosmetic or medical tattoo would not use the [...]

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Relaxation and being pain-free is the key…

The days are cooler at last.  My new client is sitting with her iPhone overlooking the golf club and river with her anesthetic cream settling in.  Inside the clinic is her daughter resting to the sounds of ‘Peter Miller’s’ guitar while having full eyeliner tattoo makeup.   A perfect situation and one that happens more and more.  The mother and daughter visit, [...]

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Cosmetic Tattoo, and a little bit of attitude…

The other day, a client of mine, a baker, told me how early she starts work.  “The heat!” she lamented.  Queensland, is very warm, and lately, even my Bandog puppy just wants to spread-eagle on the floor and imagine icy wind;  I’m guessing anyway.  So…working with ovens during the small hours of the morning must be [...]

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Make the most of your Cosmetic Tattoo..

Its quite magical how one season dramatically changes to another.  Suddenly it’s the beginning of summer here in glorious Queensland, with the promise of hot, sultry days and balmy  evenings.  Semi-permanent makeup interest never wanes, but the recognition of it’s obvious usefulness does quicken up as you are reminded again of oven blasting heat and holiday fun. It might be useful [...]

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Is Cosmetic Tattoo really what I want?

That’s a good question. You know, without a doubt you have thought and thought about this haven’t you?  Got brave or excited,  then thought of all the reasons why you shouldn’t have permanent makeup.  I encourage you to come in for a free consultation – so I can show you how carefully we approach permanent cosmetics.  You [...]

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A delightful & Happy New Year to you all! Specials are on now -

For those of you who have their annual holidays at other times of the year, and for those who don’t seem to give themselves holidays – the good news is Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is open at weekends. Do check our ‘special’ page. We know it suits many people to start their cosmetic tattoo healing process [...]

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Brows, Your new Face of the Future…

Hello, and Happy New Year everyone! It’s been busier than usual. Whether that is a consequence of the vast rains we have had in this part of the country, I’m not sure. People have been perhaps spending more time thinking and organizing things for themselves for this year in the quiet of indoors,  rather than [...]

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Permanent makeup bonus for a busy Mum

One of my client’s, soon to be a second time mum who raves about her cosmetic tattoo, has since informed me she is expecting twins. Now it won’t matter that she will barely have time to catch her face in the mirror for a while – she’ll still look gorgeous!! Congratulations Jess.

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