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Enter… Natural Vegetable Pigments

Hello there, I’ve been using Natural Vegetable Pigments, especially for brows, since coming back from the Balkans (but I digress).  I”m excited because colour does hold well, and looks lovely and natural. Most of all, my clients are happy. Of course, I need to check this out personally for some time yet but the pigments [...]

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Corrective Work

Commonly, a new client phones us to say that eyebrows were applied too dark or badly shaped. Other problems include colour change or quick fading. We enjoy working with natural vegetable pigments, so that we don’t have those problems. This reminds me to say, yet again -  know your semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo artist. Word of mouth and experience amounts to a lot. When was the first [...]

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$100 reduction on ALL eye & brow makeup procedures….

Yes! $100 OFF on all eye & brow first procedures booked for February and until the last day of March.  To get our special offer,  just mention this blog special. Natural Vegetable Pigments are custom blended to your requirements. Semi-permanent make-up with Natural Vegetable Pigments deeply enhance your natural beauty, and the best part? It doesn’t wash off! Looking forward to seeing you. Cheers! [...]

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A word on Natural Vegetable Pigment Inks

Making choices as to what goes into our bodies and skin should be as natural as breathing. It’s up to us as individuals to inquire what is the best solution regarding permanent colour solutions. Naturally we want to feel confident that the pigment inks implanted into our skin are safe and will stay true to [...]

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