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Tried and true, Non-Iron oxide Cosmetic Tattoo…

It was when my clients really wanted the darker, wider brows that I decided to revisit the Iron Oxide free cosmetic tattoo pigment department.  I’m so glad I did!  Non-Iron Oxide pigments require careful administering but stay beautifully true for many years. I have proved this with natural vegetable cosmetic tattoo pigments applied to myself, by [...]

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Micro blading – what it is

I decided to add a last minute blog for May as my tablet has been at the shop for repair and my May blog disappeared!  So here are a few thoughts. I’ve been asked about micro blading a lot lately.  Micro blading is another name for cosmetic tattoo hair-strokes, feathering, eyebrow embroidery, micro-pigmentation and the list goes on. It’s when [...]

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It’s easy to look after new Cosmetic Tattoo…

When you arrive at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, many of you are full of apprehension and/or excitement at having your cosmetic tattoo.  Of course you soon relax (it’s so beautiful here) and I’m listening to what you want and can see right away as well!  During your procedure possibly not much about your ‘after-care’ advice has sunk [...]

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Redheads and Blonds!

The last few weeks I’ve had quite a few blonds and redheads visiting.  Winter has welcomed brighter and warmer hues here in Queensland. It is fun choosing brow and eyeliner pigments for these ladies as they are rightly so, nervous of what shades are available to them of which are numerous.  Our number one request at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is [...]

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Is Cosmetic Tattoo really what I want?

That’s a good question. You know, without a doubt you have thought and thought about this haven’t you?  Got brave or excited,  then thought of all the reasons why you shouldn’t have permanent makeup.  I encourage you to come in for a free consultation – so I can show you how carefully we approach permanent cosmetics.  You [...]

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RELAX with Cosmetic Tattoo

There’s been a rush on for cosmetically tattooed eyebrows lately. Happily some of my client’s are falling asleep during the procedure. Here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo the massage bed is ultra comfy, and extra warm. We in Queensland are a bit shy of the cold! After you have read through and signed the paperwork you [...]

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NEW Shapes – Special price page, a reminder

Before I give you this reminder blog, I want to tell you about one of the most satisfying experiences in cosmetic tattooing I’ve had – it actually was today. I had a super mum come in who had alopecia. Together we designed hairstroke tattooed eyebrows to die for. How we take so much for granted. Lexi (not her real [...]

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    The last several minutes of your tattoo makeup procedure/s include a soothing cool pack. This may or may not make a big difference to swelling but ahhh it does feel good and clients often comment on how peaceful and relaxing the surrounds are. Many fall asleep, in which case a few extra minutes are often [...]

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It’s fascinating watching the transformation of the female eye area with tattoo makeup. In two hours everything is done, including all the preliminaries and the finishing off with a soothing cool pack. With ultra safe semi-permanent pigments, eyes are shaped, enhanced, down or up-sized with eyeliner that amazingly will just stay. Choice is varied. Many of you will love the [...]

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SPECIALS for NOV & DEC: BROWS $300 and $100 first and $100 second CORRECTIVE EYEBROW procedures. Call or email us for EXTRA SPECIALS before Xmas…

New clients are invited to start Summer with an eyebrow tattoo corrective treatment (first procedure) at $100. Second procedure (if required) is $100. EYEBROWS are $300 for November and December when mentioning this site special. So again, ALL brow micropigmentation, designed and shaped and coloured for November /December  including after a corrective appointment or appointments  are $300 (first procedure). [...]

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