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Talking about correcting cosmetic tattoo

Hi everyone, since I’ve been talking about correcting color mishaps I thought I would give you my latest example. My happy client came in for her 3rd micro pigmentation rectification session this afternoon and told me her partner commented about her makeup tattoo over coffee with friends (that was lovely). One doesn’t know exactly the [...]

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In today’s world…

In today’s world there are many things you want or need to do before the sun comes up. Unfortunately there is some pressure to look good most of the time, if not all the time.  Very fortunately there is this wonderful thing called semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo.  Actually it’s also referred to as 3D, feathering, hairstrokes, microblading, eyebrow embroidery and [...]

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Pre-cosmetic tattoo essentials…

Holidays remind you that semi-permanent makeup is such a good idea!  Sometimes the thought has been on the mind for years and suddenly, yes now is the time to just do it!  It’s what I hear from my clients as they ask for a ‘now’ appointment for cosmetic tattoo. It’s a good plan to arrive with a book or [...]

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Tired Eyes…

Hello Everyone, It was just the other day I dropped in to see Belle, a 30 something young mum.  Littlies around her knees, new pup around her ankles.  However did we do it I thought!  She threw me this jaded look while smoothing her face and rubbing tired eyes whilst I made tea.  Why am I telling you this?  [...]

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Micro blading – what it is

I decided to add a last minute blog for May as my tablet has been at the shop for repair and my May blog disappeared!  So here are a few thoughts. I’ve been asked about micro blading a lot lately.  Micro blading is another name for cosmetic tattoo hair-strokes, feathering, eyebrow embroidery, micro-pigmentation and the list goes on. It’s when [...]

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Have you ever wondered…

Have you ever wondered what people think of women putting on makeup in public?   Apparently two thirds of British women apply their usual makeup ritual as they commute to work.  This may be a subject of fascination to males who are sitting beside them but the people I have talked with believe it falls short of good [...]

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Would you like the look Natural?

The main request whilst talking with ‘to be’ clients is “can you make my brows look natural?”.   The answer is yes!  That is precisely what we aim for at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo.  What I’d  want to see with my own eyebrows for example, is something subtle, yet defined in colour and form.   Strong brows look wonderful on the [...]

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Is Cosmetic Tattoo You

What’s in a name?  Semi-permanent make-up, micro-pigmentation, hair-stroke tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, permanent make-up, embroidery tattoo, tattoo make-up, feathering, microblading? Yes they are all the same.   We are talking about tattoo.  The lovely thing about this specialised work is the colours and procedures are very different.  An artist of cosmetic or medical tattoo would not use the [...]

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Sometimes little is best..

One of the loveliest looks around is Eyelash Enhancement tattoo.  This is a beautiful coverage through the lashes but not above the lash-line.  You might wonder who would favour this procedure rather than a fine liner, but some of you have not wanted to experiment with makeup or don’t really need cosmetics.  Yes, there are those beauties around! An exceptional advantage of [...]

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Relaxation and being pain-free is the key…

The days are cooler at last.  My new client is sitting with her iPhone overlooking the golf club and river with her anesthetic cream settling in.  Inside the clinic is her daughter resting to the sounds of ‘Peter Miller’s’ guitar while having full eyeliner tattoo makeup.   A perfect situation and one that happens more and more.  The mother and daughter visit, [...]

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