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In today’s world…

In today’s world there are many things you want or need to do before the sun comes up. Unfortunately there is some pressure to look good most of the time, if not all the time.  Very fortunately there is this wonderful thing called semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo.  Actually it’s also referred to as 3D, feathering, hairstrokes, microblading, eyebrow embroidery and [...]

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A delightful & Happy New Year to you all! Specials are on now -

For those of you who have their annual holidays at other times of the year, and for those who don’t seem to give themselves holidays – the good news is Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is open at weekends. Do check our ‘special’ page. We know it suits many people to start their cosmetic tattoo healing process [...]

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A little on Eyebrow Colour Corrections

So many of our first time clients are lamenting about old and faded brows that were initially too dark, or just not right. These ladies have previously thought nothing could be done to change these imperfections. Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo like to understate, or start your eyebrow colour and design conservatively. It is on your second procedure that [...]

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Sometimes a client just wants reshaping of a natural eyebrow or lip. This is an interesting challenge and usually there has been a lot of thought that has brought the client along to be ‘repaired’. Most times the eyebrows are not the same height, width and length or they just seem totally different from each other. [...]

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