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In today’s world…

In today’s world there are many things you want or need to do before the sun comes up. Unfortunately there is some pressure to look good most of the time, if not all the time.  Very fortunately there is this wonderful thing called semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo.  Actually it’s also referred to as 3D, feathering, hairstrokes, microblading, eyebrow embroidery and [...]

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Pre-cosmetic tattoo essentials…

Holidays remind you that semi-permanent makeup is such a good idea!  Sometimes the thought has been on the mind for years and suddenly, yes now is the time to just do it!  It’s what I hear from my clients as they ask for a ‘now’ appointment for cosmetic tattoo. It’s a good plan to arrive with a book or [...]

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How Long does my Cosmetic Tattoo last?

   One of the most asked questions is “how long does the semi-permanent makeup last?” Every skin is unique which means that question is difficult to answer. I tend to tell my new clients that I don’t really know to be honest, but it depends on various factors and what type of skin you have. [...]

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