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May the Universe reflect lightness, love and grateful wonder to you all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  A couple of days ago a visitor from the other side of the world requested freckle tattoo. Yes, freckles! I have cosmetically tattooed many freckles, but now more than ever it’s jumped from being a mildly different speciality to totally IN.  I have to say, they look very cute and fresh on my 20something [...]

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In today’s world…

In today’s world there are many things you want or need to do before the sun comes up. Unfortunately there is some pressure to look good most of the time, if not all the time.  Very fortunately there is this wonderful thing called semi-permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo.  Actually it’s also referred to as 3D, feathering, hairstrokes, microblading, eyebrow embroidery and [...]

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I feel its a good time to mention makeup sensitivity as it is so common nowadays. Cosmetic Tattoo is ideal for those who have so much difficulty looking the way they’d like, because of makeup irritation. On usual occasions semi-permanent makeup is a dream come true for these clients, as traditional makeup is tossed aside and given up on. The [...]

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