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Tired Eyes…

Hello Everyone, It was just the other day I dropped in to see Belle, a 30 something young mum.  Littlies around her knees, new pup around her ankles.  However did we do it I thought!  She threw me this jaded look while smoothing her face and rubbing tired eyes whilst I made tea.  Why am I telling you this?  [...]

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A little about lips

Our lips reflect how we age and how we live.  We lose the natural lip-line sometimes quite early, in our 20′s or 30′s which seems unfair.  A little later in life we gain creases around the mouth, even when we have never picked up a cigarette, that’s definitely unfair!  All is well though as at Gentle [...]

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Redheads and Blonds!

The last few weeks I’ve had quite a few blonds and redheads visiting.  Winter has welcomed brighter and warmer hues here in Queensland. It is fun choosing brow and eyeliner pigments for these ladies as they are rightly so, nervous of what shades are available to them of which are numerous.  Our number one request at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo is [...]

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Beauty spots and more natural looks…

I thought I’d mention that there’s been a wave of ladies coming in for cosmetically tattooed beauty spots.  It’s always interesting where they decide to have these beauty marks, because they are where they should be!  Such a small addition to a face,  but a well-placed dot can do so much.  My last two such clients this week chose superb browns, [...]

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Quick, Mothers Day coming up!

Without a doubt, one of the most surprising and appreciated Mothers Day pressies is an appointment for Cosmetic Tattoo.  Even if it is only for a consultation.  Here at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, consultations are free with the option of having your eyelids, brows or lips cosmetically tattooed immediately after an initial discussion and demonstration.  During the consultation period, you [...]

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Have a very Happy Christmas!

Simple words I know, but we at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo wish you the happiest of Christmas’s. The year has brought all types of interesting and lovely people into the clinic.  It’s been a time to work more with Areola and nipple complex tattoo, Alopecia and Trichotillomia patients, and to talk with others who have various [...]

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Gym, Swim, and still looking good…

It’s fabulous when your clients are business-women, students and people who know why they have come in to  have semi-permanent make-up. It’s really special though when you’re client is a hard working young woman, getting a career together and is also raising one or more toddlers at the same time. My client phoned me estatic with the [...]

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NEW Shapes – Special price page, a reminder

Before I give you this reminder blog, I want to tell you about one of the most satisfying experiences in cosmetic tattooing I’ve had – it actually was today. I had a super mum come in who had alopecia. Together we designed hairstroke tattooed eyebrows to die for. How we take so much for granted. Lexi (not her real [...]

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    It’s always going to be a nice moment when I see you (the client) walk towards my cosmetic tattoo work room. There may be a hint or more of nervousness on your part, but all is well, especially when you relax and realise that this is an unhurried business. After the preliminaries, trusting [...]

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SPRING SPECIALS – Brows and Lipliner for September and October.

Step out confident and in style. Greet the new season with Eyebrows, beautiful tailored, and gently cosmetically tattooed for three hundred dollars, first procedure. Choose a shaded look, hairstrokes to suit you, or a combination, to give you classy, fresh brows. As well, something we haven’t had at had a special price previously, clean, precise, lipliner [...]