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Mothers Day! It’s the fourteenth of May

Just to remind you. We’ve had a lot of special days to celebrate already this year, and Mothers Day is an especially appreciated time in life. A really lovely idea is a gift of semi-permanent makeup. I say that because it’s usually a surprise that the family has got together over such a gift, or [...]

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Caviat Emptor

The year is well under way and I’m happy at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo to see you come back year after year for makeup tattoo refreshers.  This shows you are pleased with shape and colour, and you may keep your cosmetic tattoo pristine and colour natural at little cost. Subtle changes to your semi-permanent makeup may be suggested as facial features alter.  It sometimes [...]

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Design is everything (nearly)…

Design is what takes the time in cosmetic tattoo.  It is such an immaculate business,  and rightly so – after all you and everyone else are looking at your face at least some time every day.  All faces are so unique!  You need not have beauty in the classic sense,  to be wonderfully interesting and gorgeous.  [...]

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Corrective Work

Commonly, a new client phones us to say that eyebrows were applied too dark or badly shaped. Other problems include colour change or quick fading. We enjoy working with natural vegetable pigments, so that we don’t have those problems. This reminds me to say, yet again -  know your semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo artist. Word of mouth and experience amounts to a lot. When was the first [...]

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Back from the U.K

We couldn’t have arrived in London at a better time. It was very late in the evening and so warm and pleasant but it was in the following daylight that we saw the trees were just budding with blossoms. Over the next several days they would burst with colour.    We drove from London to Norfolk - the Nelson Country and the flattest land [...]

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