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Mention our Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo site special….

…..and get 50% off! What a way to Face up to Christmas. Our 50% discount is for ALL makeup tattoo first procedures, till the last day of November…. just mention you saw the special on this site. Remember second  procedures are of minimal cost. Check all first procedure prices on each page of the Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo site and HALVE those prices!  Book in without [...]

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Back from the U.K

We couldn’t have arrived in London at a better time. It was very late in the evening and so warm and pleasant but it was in the following daylight that we saw the trees were just budding with blossoms. Over the next several days they would burst with colour.    We drove from London to Norfolk - the Nelson Country and the flattest land [...]

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Colouring in….

The year has started in a refreshing new way. Clients and friends are talking of new job placements, new studies, new babies, and new trips and holidays. They are all on the horizon. There’s a positive feeling in the air! Many ladies have taken advantage of Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo’s specials so far this year too. Some long [...]

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Caring for your new Colour Implants

It was brought to my attention the other day that some ladies out there would like some information on what to expect after their semi-permanent make-up. This makes sense to me, and could make the difference as to whether or not one would go ahead with such a procedure, and when. Before I talk about [...]

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