All mums’ appreciate the thoughtful gift of a cosmetic tattoo procedure. For the month of May and June we are offering $50 off your mum’s brow tattoo procedure. Cosmetic tattoo is also called micro-blading, semi-permanent makeup, waterproof makeup, tattoo makeup, and feathering, among other references. Techniques and tools may differ but we are still talking about tattoo. Gone are the days though, of harsh tattoo inks on the face. Instead you have soft, pretty and compatible colours. At Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo pigments are individually blended, and iron oxide free.

We will listen to you and offer ideas or suggestions if you wish,  to enhance your face with semi-permanent tattoo.

Just mention this blog, and there will be $50 off a new eyebrow 2nd procedure. A 2nd procedure is standard to a finished look. In some cases of cosmetic tattoo, following sessions are important, especially for corrective tattoo or more detailed work.

It’s just a phone call or email for a chat. Remember consultations are free.