Some people want to know why I cannot give them brows, liners and beauty marks that last forever.  There have been times I’ve thought myself, ‘ I’d love this microblading to stay as dark and strong as today’.  There is good reason though, why you wouldn’t want this to happen.  We do actually age. Unbelievable, but true! Recently I was glad to have the skill to remove and adjust my very own eyeliner wings, and glad that makeup tattoo pigments are not made to last.

Cosmetic Tattoo pigments are made up of both tertiary colours which are a combination of primary and secondary colours, which gives a soft, natural healed look in the skin.   Body tattoo inks have primary (red, yellow, blue) and secondary colours (green, orange and purple).  These are brighter… great on the body but not ideal on the face.  Apart from that, traditional inks hardly fade out.  Through my own experience I am able to know when and where to end flicks, curves and wings on you…and if you do insist; they can be subtly erased at the right time.  As well, the gentler fade of semi-permanent makeup, means brows, lips, and eyes can be maneuvered to what’s new.  Tattoo makeup is unique in that it can change superbly with you.

Enjoy February ’18.