Just to remind you.

We’ve had a lot of special days to celebrate already this year, and Mothers Day is an especially appreciated time in life.

A really lovely idea is a gift of semi-permanent makeup. I say that because it’s usually a surprise that the family has got together over such a gift, or that someone has actually thought of something that Mum has desperately wanted, or needed!  We sometimes need incentive to have cosmetic tattoo.

Now we have pigments and techniques that revamp the look of ageing brows. In a few weeks, you will go about your day oblivious to the fact  that old friends and even some family members will not know what an earth has made you look so different. I have heard it so many times over smiles and soft chuckles. That’s how it should be. Makeup tattoo need not be obvious, in fact that is the whole point.  You can look fresh, young and interesting all times of the day and night. I personally love the idea that you are never caught out, so to speak. If you want more extravagance then it’s easy, and you will always have a design to be guided by.

Make sure your cosmetic tattoo artist has had a good deal of experience and lets you see what she/he is doing. A good cosmetic tattoo artist will also know how to shape and colour your brows, eyes and lips specifically for you. Not the latest fad and not necessarily the shape you came in with; after all it is cosmetic tattoo and cosmetic tattoo is usually on the face! Your operator will also be mindful that you might just be a little nervous, and worried about pain.

Call me so you may enjoy your experience, virtually pain and anxiety free knowing you have been listened to. The very best anaesthetics are used at Gentle Cosmetic Tattoo, and if you are a mum, drop a heavy hint for Mothers Day, 14th of May.